Upgrade Samsung i600 Menjadi WM6

Samsung i600 menggunakan OS Windows Mobile 5 (WM5). Sampai dengan 31 Oktober 2008, Samsung memberikan fasilitas upgrade gratis i600 yang tadinya WM5 menjadi WM6. Nah, bagi rekan-rekan yang sudah kelewatan untuk melakukan upgrade, jangan berkecil hati. Kita juga bisa melakukan upgrade sendiri. Gampang. Yang penting ikuti langkah-langkah berikut yang saya dapatkan dari www.creatvy.wordpress.com.
Pertama-tama, download file-file berikut :
1. FIRMWARE i600XXGD1. http://rapidshare.com/files/33331938/Firmware_i600XXGD1.rar. File ini adalah program untuk melakukan upgrade versi OS WM5 menjadi i600XXGD1. Apabila OS anda sudah versi ini, maka tidak perlu upgrade.
2. SAMSUNG CDMA DRIVER. http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/Samsung_CDMA_modem_4.34.zip. Ini merupakan driver modem agar samsung i600 dapat dikenali oleh Windows.
3. i600UXXUPDATER. http://fus.samsungmobile.com/I600/i600UXXupdater.exe. Nah, ini dia program yang akan meng-upgrade OS WM5 menjadi WM6.
4. ACTIVESYNC 4.5.  http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/ActiveSync_English_setup.msi. Program pendukung untuk transfer data antara PC dan Smartphone.
Selanjutnya ikuti langkah-langkah berikut yang saya salin dari www.creatvy.wordpresss.com :

How to make proper upgrade my i600 device to WM6Standard

What you need to know before start:
– update won’t work in Windows Vista (boot loader can’t find files)
– for some case samsung modem driver should be instaled before upgrading from earlier versions
– phone must be charged to full (3 bars)
– eject miniSD card.
– get write S/N phone
– don’t unplug phone while upgrading
– don’t try to upgrade i607 with i600 roms
– do it on your own risk
1) First, you need to upgrade i600 to XXGD1 version
– download XXGD1 update, unpack file i600XXGD1_REV15.exe
– if it’s your first upgrade, you should install samsung modem driver
– connect usb cable to PC, ActiveSync must find device,
– go to options and disable: usb connection
– turn off device “power off“
– turn on to boot mode by hold 3 keys shown on picture below

 Reduced: 90% of original size [ 640 x 227 ] – Click to view full image

– run i600XXGD1_REV15.exe and press start button to start upgrading
– wait till end after time counting digits (about 5min)
2) Settings to upgrade i600 do WM6
I. Downloading WM6 upgrade
– go to page: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/index.jsp
– chose for example Sweden
– type serial number: i600XXGD1
– next fill registry form, with proper S/N number (remember to type it in capital letters).
Number could be found under battery S/N.
– download from site 3 files Samsung modem driver http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/Samsung_…_modem_4.34.zip
ActiveSync 4.5 http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/ActiveSy…glish_setup.msi
i600UXXupdater.exe http://fus.samsungmobile.com/I600/i600UXXupdater.exe
– unpack and install Samsung modem driver (run setup exe)
– install ActiveSync 4.5, after that check if device is finding by connect to PC
II. Changing phone version to Netherlands (panateo method discovered)
– type on phone *#1546792*# (or run hidden program in WindowsAdminSettings.exe) to get to admin settings menu
– chose option “Preconfiguration“
– type password: *#81230*#
– select country: Netherlands
– select operator: Vodafone
Done, phone will reset.
III. Upgrading process
– run file i600UXXupdater.exe
– select English language
– connect i600 to PC (device must be found by ActiveSync)
– select all checkboxes and click “Verify device“
If You get message “Incorrect software version” , unplug and plug again usb cable, and click again “Verify device”.
– after that you should se windows with information “Device id verified”
– on phone, there appear graphic information, to press and hold: “left menu” + “camera key”
– phone will restart and should run in boot mode.
If not, then turn off, and hold “power” + “right soft key” + “camera key / back key” to run boot mode

 Reduced: 90% of original size [ 640 x 227 ] – Click to view full image

You should see updating on phone screen
After all complete, wait (about 5 min) to load phone, and automatic preconfiguration.
Other information:
Cardwell Plugin and Piscel Viewer is present
Pda/phone/eboot version: i600uxxgg2
It has other language to chose after install from regional settings
– faster
– new icons and look
– easier navigation and use contacts/calendar
– and many more

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