Blogilo, The Best Linux Blog Client Software

I have tried several blog client softwares on linux, such as blogtk, drivel, or gnome blog. And the last, I just tried Blogilo after installing Kubuntu Desktop on my ubuntu 10.04. I thought Lekhonee would be the best one, but I was dissapointed because I must log in every open Lekhonee.
Fortunately I tried Blogilo. It is a multiblog client support . You can use it for your several blogs, even those are wordpress, or blogger blog.

There are 3 kinds of view on the Blogilo screen, visual editor, html editor, and post preview. We can configure categories, permalinks, and tags of the post. But Blogilo cannot make new categories. You can save your writing for backup.
If you are using Ubuntu, you can install it using synaptic. It is a KDE project, usually it is included in distro which is using KDE 4.
That’s all. For more informations visit Blogilo Site.

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  1. Yes I am fully agree with you that the "Blogilo" the best blogging software. Thanks a lot for sharing such an wonderful information. Keep up the good work.

  2. Tapi rasanya tidak begitu ramah dengan gnome… 🙂

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